Trigger Point MassageDo you have back pain? Do you suffer the pain of old injuries? Have you strained your muscles or tendons at the gym? Do you often have headache?

It’s normal in this situation to reach for the painkillers, but I have different solution for you…

How does it work? Acupressure points, known as ‘biologically active points’, are connected through the nervous system to the various organs of the body. Appropriate massage of these points will stimulate the nerve endings located in these places, reduce the pain and improving the muscles operations.

A tigger point/accupressure therapy session is a shortened and more intense form of Thai Massage beginning with warming up and preparing the muscles of the client, followed by approximately a 20 minute special treatment of acupressure points for the specific problem. A treatment takes approx. 60 – 90 Minutes.

Tigger Point / Accupressure Massage is Traditionally Used to Treat:



Stiffness of the neck (one sided or both sided)

Shoulder stiffness

Facial palsy (half sided),

Facial numbness

Tennis elbow

Back pain (muscular)

Hip pain

Knee pain

Sport Injures- overstretched, strained, sprained, pulled ligaments

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