Facial Massage

Traditionally a ‘facial’ relies on using artificial chemicals to enhance the look of the facial skin. I offer something different … and completely natural. It’s called facial lymphatic drainage.

Facial lymphatic drainage is not only a very relaxing form of massage, it gently unlocks lymph nodes on the face and stimulates natural lymph movement throughout the face.

Using the pads of the fingers to lightly manipulate the fluid under the skin, this massage encourages waste products and excess fluid down pathways leading to the large lymph nodes on the face, neck and chest.

When performed on a regular basis, facial lymphatic drainage can greatly reduce puffiness, hyper-pigmentation, and acne break outs. It also decreases down time and bruising following surgery and improves muscle tone in the face; enhancing definition.

It is not only non-invasive, but completely holistic – working with the body’s own natural processes, and brings balance to the skin.

The Benefits of Facial Massage

  • Improved complexion due to the removal of waste products from the skin.
  • More youthful appearance due to improvements in facial muscle tone.
  • This is a profoundly relaxing massage.